Time to defrost the BZ Media freezer!

This just in from BZ Media World Headquarters, in Huntington, N.Y.: The lunchroom fridge/freezer needs defrosting. You think?

I don't know what's more amusing, the iced-up freezer or the Official Memo sent to the staff this afternoon:

Subj: Important — Fridge!

Hey, gang,

The freezer has become inoperable due to ice buildup (take a look at it — actually pretty funny looking).

Stacy is going to defrost it over the weekend but this is a heavy duty job and requires that we EMPTY it Friday afternoon!!!!

Then we will leave it unplugged over the weekend — we'll plug it back in Monday AM.

Please take note and help us out by throwing away your stuff. If you have any highly cherished condiments, take 'em home over the weekend.

As they say in the ads, "Everything Must Go!"

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