Goodbye, Redmond Developer News

Another software-development publication bites the dust, as 1105 Media Inc. shutters Redmond Developer News. RDN was a twice-monthly newspaper for Microsoft-centered development managers that launched in 2006. Think of it as a short-lived "SD Times Lite."

Today, 1105 shut down RDN, which will be "folded into" another 1105 publication, Visual Studio Magazine.

Business-wise, this is similar to what happened a few weeks ago, when United News & Media shut down Dr. Dobb's Journal after its February 2009 issue, and "folded" it into Information Week. The business benefit to 1105 is that Visual Studio Magazine can save a lot of money this year by absorbing RDN's subscriber list.

Of course, 1105 is being careful to position this as a huge win for VSM subscribers, while downplaying the part about shutting down the unsuccessful Redmond Developer News.

1105's press release is entitled, "Visual Studio Magazine Announces Expanded Coverage, New Content Chief, Staff."

The news about closing Redmond Developer News is in the fourth paragraph, "As part of the transition, RDN print coverage will be folded into Visual Studio Magazine. The RDN Web site will continue to operate and will provide expanded news, reporting and analysis for the .NET developer community."

You have to wonder if VSM's readers really want "RDN print coverage" added into their programming magazine. If it's a tradeoff that requires slashing VSM's popular technical content... readers may not be happy. We'll see how it goes.

When a publication folds, that usually means layoffs. In this case, the layoffs are taking place at VSM, as RDN's editorial management team is moving over to Visual Studio Magazine. Sadly, VSM readers are losing two editors, Patrick Meader and Guy Wright (a friend and colleague since 1987!). Good luck, guys!

You can read the official 1105 announcement here, and see comments by RDN's editor-in-chief, Michael Desmond (who is taking over from Patrick as e-in-c of VSM) here.

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