Want a used mobile medical van? Is there a scam?

This one's hard to figure out. The message originated from an ISP in India and came through to one of our info@ addresses.

There was no response to my query when I wrote back to "Sarah." What do you think the deal is? My guess is that they're going to solicit up-front funds to pay to ship the probably non-existant van and equipment.

Subj: Donation Inquiry.


My name is Sarah Collins and I own a veterinary clinic where I practice both exotic and companion animal medicine.

We recently acquired new medical supplies and a new mobile van and now offering to donate one ultrasound, autoclave and a pre-used mobile van.

Please give me detailed information about your work and let me know if these contributions would benenfit your organization.

Best Wishes,

Sarah Collins
B.S., Veterinary Science.
D.V.M.,Veterinary Medicine.
Ph.D.,Veterinary Physiology.


nat said...

There was a number that came with this email. I tried calling this "sarah" - surprise surprise, she didn't pick up the phone! Cant believe low lives has gone down to scamming CHARITIES now

Kimberly said...

I also received this email, same content, just with a phone number added: 66-845-605-591
decided to google sarah collins, B.S.,D.V.M.,Ph.D and found this post.

carmelapple7949 said...

I work at an animal rescue in CA and also received this email today but with no phone number. (11/17/2008) I also decided to google her name and came accross this. I'm glad I searched. SCAM!!!

hyesha said...

My father John (British National ) is the President of "Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" - BETA for short - a legally registered Lebanese Animal Charity - full details on www.betalebanon.org
We are desperate for a mobile clinic to spay/neuter the thousands of stray dogs/cats on the streets in Lebanon which are abused/shot/poisoned etc due to the myriad of other social/economic/religious problems that exist here. We received this mail and got very excited.Dad checked your site and found out it was a scam. Thanks so much for publishing this as we are in desperate need of funds and have none to spare with over 200 dogs in our Shelter . We are advising WSPA of which we are a member. Hyesha Barrett

Bev said...

Wow...I got excited too and decided to google....luckily found this after trying several searches. Too bad, this would have been a god send to my organization as well. :(

DBunny said...

I also found this blog post via a Google search. I received this exact same email today (11/26) with "gmail" spelled wrong in the "from" field and no phone numbers. Since I don't have anything to do with veterinary clinics, my husband and I were also suspicious. Since "she" never said where she was or gave any information that proves her clinic's existence, I too am guessing it's a scam.

Crystal said...

I received this email as well at 5:36am this morning. No phone numbers included and the gmail.com was misspelled. It is a real shame that people would stoop so low to scam charitable organizations that are busting are butts to make a difference.

thechase said...

Our local humane society is all volunteer with no shelter in Northern California and a van like this is something we have dreamed about getting. I doubt we would have fallen for the scam but it was nice to find this blog and posts so quickly by Googling the "doctor's" name. I sure hope there's no one out there that will fall for it. How low can you get!?! Much thanks to everyone who took the time to post to this blog but especially a special thank you for all those who help our animal friends. It takes time and dedication but we can make a difference. "Yes we can."

Diane said...

My husband received this exact email..running a small animal rescue, we were at first thrilled. Then we did the scam check. Lo-and-behold it is a scam. As one comment said..how low can you stoop..pretty low!

Twinkystorm said...

Don't know exactly what made me google the name after receiving this email but I'm glad I did. This post saved our charity a lot of potential headaches. Thank you! I guess some things are just too good to be true....

Mere said...

Our greyhound adoption group just got this one as well. We got all excited, then I googled it. *sigh* Thanks for this blog!

Diane said...

Google that phone number they give..I did that this morning..a true scam! Right now I'm waiting to see if this "person" will email the VIN number of the truck lol.

Christine said...

I find this scam both disgusting and very sad. I received this email as well, twice actually and the first time got very excited thinking I could help our area animal shelter. I assumed I received it because I publish a magazine for women in agriculture and rural enterprise. I googled it initially and found nothing, but luckily I let it sit for a bit as it just seemed too good to be true. I received it again today and tried googling again and here it was. Sad.

Christine Calnin
Rural American Woman.com

USPRS said...

us primates receieved the exact same email BUT from dvm christie Darryl with a tupelo ms phone # and a bankok adress low life scums ripping of charrities wow!!

heres the letter and i got a return letter wiht more mismatched info stating the shipping was feasable lol...

I am Dr. Christie Darryl ( Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Physiology), I own a veterinary Service where I practice both exotic and companion animal medicine.

We have recently acquired new medical supplies and a new mobile van and now offering to donate a pre-used " all purpose" mobile van and the veterinary equipments below.

1 Ultrasound
1 Autoclave

Are you familiar with these? Let me know if these contributions Would be beneficial to your work?.


Dr. Christie Darryl
D.V.M.,Veterinary Medicine.
Ph.D.,Veterinary Physiology.

* Vaccinations
* Surgery
* Dentistry
* Ophthamology
* Dermatology
* Diagnostic Imaging
* Behavioural
* Medical

USPRS said...

2nd letter from dvm christie darryl...
Good morning,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner as the daily activities have kept us very busy here at the clinic, your efforts for a good cause is very much applauded and I encourage you to keep it up. The ultrasound, autoclave and the mobile are all available in good working condition. The mobile van is a 2006 model of GMC Savanna 3/4 ton cargo van with 2500 Duramax Diesel engine.

Please confirm again if you are asking to have all of the items or a particular item. Shipping is feasible but I would need the complete information of your location to check on the logistics of shipping.

Click on the website below to visit me.



Dr. Christie Darryl
D.V.M.,Veterinary Medicine.
Ph.D.,Veterinary Physiology.

Chris said...

I contacted zyweb about this scam-site. They have deleted the site and removed the user's account.

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