A Must Read: The best spam subject line of the week


Gosh, that makes me really believe that this message is sincere. It is, however, very funny. It begins with:

I beleive i can call you friend. I am Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. I am the youngest of the Sultan's three brothers. But its like a joke being called a prince. The Bruneian royal family have turned me into an out cast. I am presently on exile in London.

My favorite line is,

While in Brunei,my favorite car to drive was a Ferrari 550, a sleek sports coupe that i used to take for a spin late at night when the roads were quiet. Now, I like the Mini. I drive a black small mini around London. I am been watched by private detectives employed by my Brother the Sultan. He wants to ruin me, but he cannot.

It's your typical con game. Here's the bait:

I still have billions of dollars safe and secure in safe countries, but i cannot touch these funds hence they are discovered by my King Brother watching my every move like a Hawk. I need you to assist me in these financial steps of securing my entitlements. You will benefit immensely from these finanacial exercise.

Yeah, right. Though I wouldn't mind having a Ferrari 550 Maranello. Or maybe the Ferrari 550 Barchetta. Convertibles are better for late-night spins around town.

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Larry said...

"Diary of an Exiled Prince" -- if you can string this guy along for another 59,700 words, I think you've got a paperback bestseller....

Hold on... Favored son ... cast out by jealous brothers ... exiled .... "Jefri in the Lion's Den" ! There's your title!

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