The early renewal catches the worm, believes Network Solutions

Yes, yes, I'm sure that we're overpaying for domain registrations and DNS, but we have many of ours through Network Solutions.

One of the downsides of Network Solutions is the price. An upside is that they have good online tools for managing the name servers. Frankly, it's too much work to bother researching alternatives and moving the stuff, particularly as the service has been reliable.

Another downside is that they're always trying to sell us something, often in the guise of a continuous stream of bogus service renewals. Today, they sent me a "Gold VIP Renewal Service" alert, warning me that one of my services was running out of time. "Act now. Don't let your service(s) expire" cautions the urgent message.

That particular service is a domain registration that expires in ... wait for it ... March 2009.

Sheesh. It reminds me of the great steamroller chase scene from Austin Powers.

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Shashi Bellamkonda said...

Hi Alan,

I work for Network Solutions. Thanks for being our customer and I passed on your feedback on the advance notices.

You have the option to opt out of advance notices. At the bottom of the statement you received there is a link to unsubscribe to the advance statements. Once unsubscribed you will only get domain renewal notice about 75 days in advance. Of course if you choose to put your domains on auto-renew you will not get any renewal notices. Hope this helps.

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