Domain scammers: At least they're up front about money

Here's the latest in the flood of domain scams (see my comments from earlier this month here and here). Unlike the earlier ones I've posted, these guys admit that there will be "relevant costs."

I post these, by the way, so that if people get them and search for them, they'll find out that these are scams.

Dear manager:

We are Century Net Group Stocks Limited in China, which is a domain registration organization authorised by Chinese Industrial and Commercial Department.We engage in chinese and international domain names registration as well as settling the international disputes for domains registration.We also offer English and Chinese web solution.

Last week,we received an application from a company asking to register "bzmedia" their internet keyword and domain names.We have confirmed that it belong to you via our registration system.It is our duty to inform you of this issue.You know that this will confuse and mislead consumers.

You have the preferential right to register and protect.If you wanna register them by yourself,please contact us asap.We will communicate with each other about the protection procedure and relevant cost.

If we did not receive any response from you in our examination and verification period,we would take the formal registration process for that applicant according to chinese and international domain registration regulations.

Anyway,this is an urgent email.We hope you can pay much attention to this issue.We will appreciate that you response for us by phone or email asap no matter you want to register them or not.

sincerely yours,

Registration Dept
Century Net Group Stock Limited


Anice said...

Just received this one. Thanks for posting this. I thought it was a scam just like all the others but it's nice to have it confirmed.

FireballXL5 said...

Thanks also. We received and equivalent, although not identical email from the same company. Didn't care anyhow, but nice to know they are scamming. Cheers.

Lorri said...

I just received this one also. They made a fatal mistake in mentioning that they also do web design.

Being greedy will get you every time.

Thank so much for posting this.

I've stopped buying Chinese goods. It's my way of sending back their, ahem, lack of Karma.


anne said...

Is that true?The domain names of our company were registered by them ,we had a very happy cooperation and everything is OK now .So i think maybe you are wrong.

anne said...

Is that true?The domain names of our company were registered by them ,we had a very happy cooperation and everything is OK now .So i think maybe you are wrong.

Gary said...

Thanks for the heads up that Century Net Group Stock Limited are scammers. Verified this myself as well.

Lynn said...

Thanks for this. I have reported them to the hong kong authorities anyway - webmaster@ofta.gov.hk - they tend to take this stuff seriously so hope it does some good!

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